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1830s sleeve supports - 1st mock up
Thanks to sewaddicted who posted the link about the sleeve supports and
I have to make one straightaway.

I used Romantic era dress pattern to do a sleeve, then I put a bias tape in the middle. I put garden irrigation tube through the tape. However, It does not look quite the same as the picture, but not too bad as a first try.
I don't think the sleeveI made is big enough. I think it is a different type of sleeve. The one I made is puffy sleeve, I think it should be beret sleeve? The one made with a big circle.

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It looks right to me but just not quite big enough ..... it is 1830s :D

Awesome 1830s. Will make it big big! :)

I have some in my collection - should get them out to measure...just so tired right now :(

My measurement is 27 inches, ie where the boning is.
I was exhausted after the festival.

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