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Jane Austen Festival Australia 2012 - Day 2 Archery
I wore my archery dress on day 2. I met up with Lorna and Sam who made the archery gowns too.

I made a beanie/cap to go with my dress.

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You looked fantastic! I wish I hadn't been so busy organising the festival so I could have made one too - I have all the fabric ready, too.

Thank you! It was a challenge to make this dress. Still completing the dress on Thursday and Friday.

You really did a fantastic job on your Archery gown! it looks amazing on you!

I really love this dress, it reminds me of snow white. Thinking of ice cream cone when I was doing the Van Dyke points.

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You look fabulous and looks so much fun.

Thanks. It was a fun sport. It was my first time doing this sport. I did it 3 times, each time with 3 arrows, so I have fired 9 arrows. The first time, all arrows went over the board! Then I improved a lot. The closest I got was at the edge of the yellow.

I love your archery gown! All that work that you put in has really paid off, it looks amazing. And I really do adore the little cap that you made to go with it.

Thank you. It was a last minute decision to make the beanie/cap. It was a big job to make this dress and i am happy with the result.

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