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Archery dress 1820s
Today, I read the description of the orginal dress http://www.manchestergalleries.org/our-other-venues/platt-hall-gallery-of-costume/the-collection/collection-themes/narrative.php?themeback=1&CostumeTheme=Sports+and+Leisure&irn=17  I have now dissected this dress into 7 elements and listed them in the following table. This will help me to organize my thought and digest what I need to do and how I am going to achieve to make it works. Note: all my postings tagged under "archery dress". I started thinking about  this project in Oct 2011. And seriously started working on it end of January this year.

Archery dress 1820s description

My dress and status report


Lincoln green plain weave mohair and worsted mixture, trimmed with salmon pink mohair / worsted mix and black velvet.

  • Olive green 100% cotton (120cm wide, 5 meters),

trimmed with

  • maroon velvet (140cm wide 1.8 meters)
  • pink/salmon polycotton (130cm wide 1.5 meters) and


Bodice front in two bias-cut sections below wide v-neck with centre front seam, each section gathered to shoulder seam, with vertical bust dart from high waist seam;

WIP, using Sense and sensibility Romantic era dress bodice as a basis to modify.


bodice back in two bias-cut sections below side v-neck, gathered to shoulder seam and upper centre back opening, fastening centre back with two hooks and metal eyes on bodice and two at waist, diagonal dart each side from back shoulder to left and right back waist;

WIP, using Sense and sensibility Romantic era dress bodice as a basis to modify


skirt in four sections, gathered to back waist, with centre back opening measuring 19.5 cm;


vertical pocket slit, edged with band of self-fabric, in left back skirt;


long sleeves, each in two sections:

with small puffed upper sleeve gathered to shoulder; upper sleeve lined with white cotton, lower edge of lower sleeve lined brown plain weave silk.

Upper sleeve mock up was done with 

6 Van Dyke points. Using S& S Romantic era dress sleeve pattern to modify. At this stage, I am pretty happy with the result, I have posted pictures previously.


Band of pink fabric and black velvet

1.      edging neckline,

2.      centre front bodice seam,

3.      centre back opening and

4.      in double horizontal bands on shoulders;

5.      deep band of pink triangles edged with black velvet along skirt hem;

6.      upper sleeves trimmed with puffs of pink fabric, gathered to armhole and extending into eight points, edged in black velvet;

7.      lower sleeves trimmed with four pink horizontal bands around gathers at lower edge;

I have about 1.5 meters of maroon velvet and will make my own bias tape to do the edge.

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Can't wait to see your version.. :)

Hope I can show some end results soon. :)

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