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Archery dress - sleeve 1st mock up drafting
Making the sleeves is the most time consuming part in making the archery dress, I think, so I tackle the sleeves first. I used Romantic Era dress pattern (S& S) to draft the Van Dyke points for the sleeve. I folded the paper pattern of the sleeve to determine the size of the points. Here are some pictures which are self explanatory. I have more than enough of the fabrics I use for the dress, so I use it for the mock up, so can see the effect of what it really will turn out. I put net support to make it puffy.
What to do next:
  • to put lining and bias edge to the Van Dyke points
  • draft the rest of the sleeve (once the whole sleeve has been made, I can decide whether the upper puffy sleeve is too big as compared to the orginal dress. I am thinking I am wearing it and I do like the puffy big upper sleeve!). I wil be using Janet Arnold Patterns of Fashion to help to draft the rest of the sleeve.

Anyone knows what underpinnings for wearing this dress?
Regency Long Stays? Short Stays?
Corded petticoat?

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Long stays & a tucked or lightly corded petticoat would be my guess for 1823

I do need to make a long stays, trying to avoid doing it. Still lots to do. Must put my acts together.

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