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Regency bodiced petticoat - progress
Here is a link to the instructions how to adjust a Sense and Sensibility Regency gown pattern to make the petticoat. instructions on how to construct the bodice are very good, but do need to read them carefully. It took me awhile to digest and understand what is happening. As I am wearing this petticoat over chemise and stays, I only need to put darts on the bodice. I did lots of fitting by myself. I pinned the back and then put the bodice on through my neck and arms (it was possible at the stage before the darts were put in).

I started this project about a month ago. I did a little bit each time whenever I found time. Each time, when I finished, I put them all into a big zip lock bag with proper labels. 

What is next:
I still need to trim the edge of the bodice, more fitting to be done.
I have done the hard part, next is to put waistband and skirt on, then it is fully finished.

Here are some pics

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They look wonderful :)) And thanks for the inspiration - I have to make a set this week as well.

Thank you and Happy New Year.

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