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Regency petticoat - progress
The bodice is finished, fully lined with darts put in, fit perfectly. Only need to attach the skirt, then it is totally done. It is my first try and took me quite awhile to have it done, did lots of fitting. Now I have a master pattern, will be quick to do another one.

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yeah the second version of a pattern always goes together quicker for me too. Things make more sense at that point!

But well done on the progress!

There are lots of possibilities in using this petticoat pattern.

Is this a bodiced petticoat? Please do tell more - the lack of pictures has me itching - I can't wait to see you in all your splendour!

It is a bodiced petticoat. I washed the bodice once it was done, there were pencil mark and blue mark as I use the mock up piece as lining and traced my adjustments onto the paper pattern. Will post some pics and tell more.

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