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18th C stays - lining attached
That is it for the day. Lining has been pinned in... Need to cut some tapes to bind the edge.

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They look amazing!

I gather you're going to JAFA this year, I hope you enjoy, I probably won't go, I'll go to Wentworth instead.. :)

Thanks :) Wentworth was fun. We had a good time, see you there.

I am stressed right now. Austin is at the vet and will have a surgery this evening. Another bloody ball! Binding the tabs of the stays will put my mind off.

Oh no! Poor Austin!

He is going to have to have a ban on balls I think.

The ball came from the neighbour and it was hanging in the tree which we did not notice. He jumped up to get it and it is those small bouncing solid ball.

Vet just called. All went well. They removed the ball which has a superman logo. I can have a good sleep tonight.

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