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Redwork - keep working
The reason I did not continue doing the redwork embroidery was I ran out of a particular kind of thread. At that time, it was hard to get coton a broder DMC thread. I chose red 304 but not enough coton a broder thread at the shop to do the whole project. At that time, the embroidery shop advised me to get some DMC perle cotton red 304. Then I can use perle cotton when I finish all coton a broder.

Some how I was being a perfectionist and kept looking for coton a broder to buy so I can finish the whole project with the same kind of thread... Time goes by... It has been 7 years ... I just want to finish it. My friend Ellen has been doing it and take the project to retreat and persist on to finish... She keeps telling me how many flowers she has done. It is inspiring and I am going to finish it.

I am now using perle cotton instead of coton a broder, can you spot the difference? Honestly, I don't see any dofference.