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Mega Annual Viking Funeral 2015
Dinah Beach Yacht Club - Annual Viking Funeral
An opportunity to dress up and have fun, in this annual one night event held by the Dinah Beach Yacht Club. A viking funeral is re-enacted with the funeral boat being set adrift into the ocean to appease the gods of the sea. The event is a tribute to fallen sailors in and around the Territory.

We headed to Dinah Beach around 7pm and lots of people were already there. We saw a distant boat approaching carrying more Vikings ashore (boat and Vikings from the surf life guard club). Our friend is in the boat and we finally met up with her just before the 'funeral'. Around 8pm they shot numerous flaming arrows into the boat to eventually set it alight. As a bonus, there wae a Scottish bagpipes band accompamiment.

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That's awesome! Really happy that you found a costuming opportunity!

It was a wonderful night! I realise how much I miss costuming.

Boat burning picture which I could not put it in the original post.

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