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How to make a Mushroom Pleated Trim - Jane Austen Festival Australia Workshop Series, April 2014
Prado 1
This entry is to recap my workshop at Jane Austen Festival Australia 2014.

Each participant was provided with a piece of white muslim 3 meter length and 10 cm width. The muslim was already been pleated with a smocking pleater. During the workshop, I showed them to handstitch the edge of the trim and demonstrated how to set the pleat. I brought my Super Amanda Jane Smocking pleater with me. Participants got a hand on try to use the pleater. They were provided with instructions so they could finish the project later on.

How to make a mushroom pleated trim By Antonia Lai

Equipment and materials:

• A smocking pleater (if you don’t have one, you can hand sew rows of running stitches)
• White cotton thread
• White muslin 10cm width 300 cm (3 meters) length
• Comb
• Water
• White vinegar
• PVC transparent plastic or towel
• Iron (no steam)
• Spray bottle
• Rajah cloth

You are provided with a piece of white muslin 10cm width and 3meters length and it is already pleated with 10 rows of running stitches with a spacing of half cm and one cm.


1) Mark the centre
2) Take out some stitches at the ends and trim the edge straight
3) Hand stitch the side edges and top edge with rolled hem …or fold twice to do running stitches…or attach something else (your choice). You may consider rolled hem by sewing machine. For normal cotton fabric, you may cut it with pinking scissors.
4) Pull the threads to the shape of a collar. While doing this, use a comb to straighten the pleats.
5) Place a pattern underneath the PVC transparent plastic. Place the collar on top to guide you to the desired shape you want.
6) Block the shape by spraying the collar with water and vinegar (1:1 ratio). The collar should be soaking wet.
7) Dry out excess vinegar water
8) Place hot iron on top with collar protected by a Rajah cloth.
9) Leave it to dry.
10) When it is finished, you can take out threads which hold the pleats. I tend to leave the threads there and tidy up the ends.
11) Now you can attach your mushroom pleated trim to your chemisette or other clothing items, or attach to a tape and make it into a detachable collar.

Jane Austen Festival Australia Workshop Series, April 2014
Jane Austen Festival Australia

Here are my entries in April/May 2013 to make my mushroom pleated trim to go with my chemisette:
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