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Weekend success
I have success in the weekend in sewing and needlework:

Regency short stay: pretty much done, edge binding put in only need to handsew the finishing. The corded stays look good. My fingers were injured couple of time while using a long needle to put the cotton yarn in the channels. I will make my own cord for lacing. Only final touch to do. I pretty much have a set of Regency underpinnings. Now I can start to make a Regency dress.

Reticello: I am back in making some needlelace. I love the geometrical Reticello pattern. 2 Pieces of lace are at the final stage. Will post picture when they are finished.

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Hooray! At least you didn't procrastinate like I did!!

It is so hot this time of the year. I can only do as much as I can.

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