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The frills are attached to collars

Pretty much done, just to tidy up and do all the finishing touch.

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Thank you :) I am glad this is finished. It almost turns into an UFO.

Oh it is so beautiful. I am very jealous. :)

Very pretty chemisette

Could I have a paper copy of your pattern? And if my fichu comes out okay I could swap it for a copy of my pattern.

Re: Very pretty chemisette

I made mine in pdf. I can email you the file if you like and you need to print them out and tape them together and need to add seam allowance.

Re: Very pretty chemisette

Oh yes please - send me the pdf file :-) I would enjoy the challenge. Do you have my yahoo account?

Re: Very pretty chemisette

I do not have your yahoo acount. What I have fit me, you do need to adjust to fit your size. Note: it is Romantic era.

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