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Regency underpinnings progress
Hurray! It is Friday. This weekend is all about working on the Regency underpinnings:
1. Chemise - I am making a second one or maybe a third one.
2. Regency short stays - final stage. Here are some pictures to show.
3. Regency long stays - my mock up almost done. See the picture, I still need to put in side gussets.
I bought some white leather cords the other day. They are made of kangaroo leather.


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These look fantastic! I'm waiting until I finish losing weight before I make a full length set.

I so cannot wait!!!!!! I need to do some cutting out I think!

Gots lots done on Saturday. Solid concentrations from 2:30pm to 7pm. Cut up all fabrics for my 2 chemises. Cut up all fabrics for my long stays.

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