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First tatted medallion done

I made the first one. According to PieceWork magazine instructions, start off with a ring with 12 picots and finish off. And start again to finish the medallion.

I will try out mock ring method and I can continuously tat till the medallion is finished.

Edited to put in the mock ring solution:
Centre ring: do it normally and put in 11 picots instead of 12.
After centre ring is done, immediately do a mock ring straight away. This is a small mock ring, 4 double stitches in chain on one side and then use another thread to loop it through the centre ring and do another 4 double stitches in chain using a needle to do this instead of a shuttle.

I lost track the size of thread I used. I think I used #40 for the one in the picture. I will try # 20 for my next one.