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Evening dress c 1861-4

I have about 20 days to work on a new crinoline dress. It is time to kick start.  I have already made the main underpinnings, corset, crinoline cage, drawers and  petticoat. Fabric is here ....ideas have been brewing for a month. I already printed out the pattern...only have to tape it altogether. I am excited!

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Janet Arnold and Evening Gowns

Hi Antoinette,
Where do you get all of this time for sewing?? I love just looking at what you are doing it is a real inspiration to me. I have some Japanese Patterns on the drawing board to work on and some knitting. I'll make sure I check back and see how you are going with your projects.


Re: Janet Arnold and Evening Gowns

If I can't finish this dress on time. My back up plan is to wear what I have. So I can enjoy doing things in my own pace.

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