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18th century jacket - to be continued
I cannot believe it has been over a year and this is an UFO. http://antoinette-25.livejournal.com/45335.html This jacket has not been completed. I need to do the stomacher and fix up the winged cuffs.

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Hi Antoinette,
I have decided not to get to worked up if my JAFA costume doesn't get done. I have had a wanted to follow up on an ethinic sewing bug which has been latent for a long time. I think this will make me more happy exploring other cultures costumes than English dressing all the time. I am going to explore Japanese clothes - modern pieces for now. I have some lolita books and want to make some pantaloons so I can wear my steampunk balloon skirt and make a frilly lolli skirt. This is going to be a little harder as the pattern books are in Japanese. Luckily I asked a Japanese mum at my story group to do some translations for me! Also on my list is to make two peasant blouses. As most of my clothes do not fit me anymore. I hope you finish your costume in time for Jafa. I hope to finish knitting a modern pointed silk shawl. {It's currently on my needles.) Keep in touch from Pink.

All the best in your sewing adventure:)

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