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1950s dress progress

I have added piping to the collar and sleeves.

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This is my favourite colour. What a coincident that I found the pipping I bought many years ago and they match each other.

It's wonderful to be able to make use of stuff in your stash. I know that I need to do it more often.

It is my challenge next year to use whatever I have. So much temptation to buy :)

Well done you! Looks awesome.. :)

Thank you! This dress is pretty much done. I am ahead for the event in January!

You have been very busy with your sewing machine! I admire all of the work you have done. I will be sewing over Christmas. Have you used any Japanese pattern books? I want to sew some bloomers for my steampunk loli outfit that I bought. I'll check in later to see how your dress looks. Mean while I have a presentation to write and a practicum to prepare for.

I have two Japanese pattern books. Hope to try them out soon :)

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