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Regency long stays, Romantic era dress, Archery dress
I am multi-tasking again. There are couple of things need to be done:

1. Regency long stays - I already cut up the fabric to do mock up. Whenever I have time, I can continue on and have it finished

2. Romantic era dress - I bought a pattern long time ago from sensibility.com and will use it to make the dress

3. Archery dress - I got some time today to look at the dress at the museum website http://www.manchestergalleries.org/our-other-venues/platt-hall-gallery-of-costume/the-collection/collection-themes/narrative.php?themeback=1&CostumeTheme=Sports+and+Leisure&irn=17
and they described the sleeves as zig-zagged sleeves or vandyked sleeves. The Jean Hunnisett book does not talk about how to do this type of sleeves. Janet Arnold book page 59 has vandyked collar in the pattern, but not much of a description how to do it. By just looking at the picture of the archery dress, it looks like applique of bias tape around the edge of a triangle. Anyone knows any resources to talk about how to make zig-zagged sleeves or vandyked sleeves?

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I don't know of any vandyke sleeve references, but looking at the photo of the dress I would suggest creating a full sleeve puff first, mocking it up and then physically drawing the zig zag on with a marker. Then lay it out flat and see what you have. I do imagine though that the salmon pink zig zag part of the sleeve is lined in a fairly stiff fabric to hold it out nicely in the full puff.

I always find it helpful to try and break-down what you are going for into the simplest form. So, look at it in parts. In terms of the sleeve, for the upper you have the green underpuff section, the pink zig zag, the pink upper arm band. From there you can then break down the rest of the sleeve into the bottom and the cuff trimming.

I hope I have made sense???

Thanks! That sounds like a sensible thing to do.

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