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1914 tea gown
I made my 1914 tea gown and worn it to the picnic last weekend. Fabric used for the dress is batiste in ivory cream colour. Dupioni silk for the sash. There is no lining for the gown, so the finishing has to be done by french seam. This is worn over an under dress. I opted for a simple design with laces joined in the front of the bodice. A bit of the lace at the back. Tucks at the bottom of the gown. It is extremely difficult to do buttonhole by machine on such a fine fabric, so I did thread loops instead. The extension placket made a neat finishing touch. I used my lace scarf to decorate my hat. It takes longer time to do the finishing touch than making the real dress!


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Thank you. It is a comfy dress suitable to wear on a hot summer day.

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