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Regency dress and bonnet

I am going to a festival this weekend and will be wearing a Regency dress I made last year. I wore it twice last year to a Regency picnic and Rockton. I never had this dress photographed on Diana. Now here it is. I am making a bonnet to go with this dress. Before I start to do it, I need to have this dress ironed and put up so I can see how the bonnet will fit in.

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Can't wait to see your bonnet!

I made the bonnet. The pattern is Camillia, Timely Tresses. Can't wait to wear it on Sunday.

ohhh that's one that I've made a couple of times now! I love that bonnet.

Remember you told me about Timely Tresses. I like the bonnet you made, so I bought that pattern. It is easy to do, but the instructions were a bit difficult to understand. It took me awhile to figure out. Once I made it, I want to make more.I never made hats before, this is my first time.

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