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Romantic era chemisette - pleated frills

I pinned the pleated frills to the upper and lower collars and the chemisette looks good.

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How did you pleat them?

Nice to see you sewing again. How did you pleat the fabric? Do you have a pleater or a special foot? How did you set the pleats? With a vinegar solution? I have heard about the vinegar solution but wondered how it works. Or did you just use starch?

Re: How did you pleat them?

I use a smocking pleater. It is Super Amanda Jane ( made in Australia). I prefer to use vinegar solution to set the pleat. This is cotton organdy and is stiff, so may not need to starch.

That is super pretty!!

Thank you! This is experimental as I do not have enough fabric to make it pleated more. I am happy with the result.

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