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Harry Potter badges
 Raining today. I experimented in printing the Harry Potter badges onto fabric. It was a success. I taped a piece of fabric  to the centre of an A4 paper and printed it with the ink jet printer.

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Very nice work! Have you decided which house yet?

I am thinking either Ravenclaw or Gryffindor. I like the lion. For Ravenclaw, it is blue, and I can use some of Alex's uniform. She also has a pair of Maple leaf (ice hockey) socks which is blue, I can use it as a scarf. I will bring my prints to our meeting to show you. You are welcome to have one if you like it.

Cool! I am doing a Hufflepuff uniform!

oh wow, very interesting technique! So the fabric actually fed through your printer ok? (I've usually used Iron-On Transfer paper, then ironed that onto fabric) I'll have to give your method a go!

The fabric went through my printer without any problems. Technically, the fabric has to be treated beforehand so the print will stay on better. You can buy special paper which can hold the fabric. I did not use any of those. Make sure the printer has to be inkjet.

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