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Romantic era - testing out

I finished one petticoat today. I used TV eyelet petticoat pattern, but no eyelets. I adjusted the pattern for the top part. I added in another level of gathering before came up to the waist, so less gatherings at the waist to avoid the bulkiness. I took out my Romantic Era dress I made 2 years ago to test out how it looks with all layers of petticoats underneath. The dress need to be fixed as the bodice is too loose. With petticoats underneath, I need to lengthen the skirt.

The layers underneath my new petticoat I just made ( see picture)
1. Netted petticoat
2. Corded petticoat
3. Bum pad
4. New petticoat I just made, it is green

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oh pretty! I love the green! :)

Thank you :) The green is $2 a meter from Eastcoast. I used up all I have, 5 meters.

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