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A pair of pockets with crewel embroidery
The first pocket was done in May. I have been caught up in doing other things and only finished the embroidery for the second one until 2 days ago. I should have done a mirror image of the embroidery for the second pocket. They are not exactly the same though. Can you spot the differences between the two?

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They're pretty!

The centre of the pink flowers is different.. As are the bottom left leaves. :D

Thanks. Yes, you are correct. There are 2 more things which are not the same. Hint: not embroidery.

Then it's the fact that right side has no binding on the slit, and the slit is wider...

All your answers are correct. You scored 100%.

Regardless, I think they are wonderful!

Thank you. I used my pockets today and they are perfect to put my mobile phone in.

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