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More knitting done

At handicraft workshop today, I brought my knitting along. I have knitted enough for one side. A very productive day.

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Very pretty knitted edging.

How hard was this one? Did you use the pattern out of piece work or another pattern?

I have just finished one sock with a eyelet and ridge pattern on the cuff. I have to knit the other one after my surcoat or in between the surcoat. I need to do a shoulder seam adjustment and then do the sloping shoulder adjustment before I make the real copy. I guess could launder the linen and tumble dry it with a towel to give it a soft hand and preshrink it. So then it will be ready for cutting later next week. Eeek, time is marching on and soon I will be up there.



Re: Very pretty knitted edging.

I used another pattern. You can go to the blog address i put in my post and have a look. there is a video to show. Start off with 9 stitches, quick and easy.

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