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Origin of Name, Dorcas: The name, Dorcas, derives from that of an expert needlewoman who was "full of good works". ACTS 9 describes a visit to her deathbed by the apostle, Peter, who through prayer and touch, brought her back to life. The coats and garments she had made for the poor provided Peter with the visible evidence of her goodness.

I belong to an embroidery group, Dorcas. We meet twice a month at St John's Cathedral. Last week, we were asked to fix up an altar cloth. The orginal embroidery was done by someone long time ago and is still in good condition, but the background material had worn out. We put the orginal embroidery into a new backgroud material.

I talk about going to embroidery meeting, that means I go to Dorcas.

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St John's is beautiful.. :)

I like that your group is called Dorcas.

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