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This cutter works

When I visited the hardware shop the first time, the guy just looked at the hoop wire and said that cutter would work. The hoop wire is flexible steel especially made for crinoline hoop and is very strong. I tried the cutter at home and it involved cutting the wire many times in order to have it cut.

At my second trip to the store, I talked to another guy and showed him the wire... He tried it and was amazed how strong the steel was. So we tried different cutters and worked through until we find one which can cut with one go.

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Yep, your into serious hardware now. Not only to make the crinoline but wearing it too! :-) LOL.

This is an amazing project. I need some quiet time alone to work on the hoops and put the whole thing together.

I bought a pair of big old bolt cutters for my boning cutting needs.. :D

yes, it's steel, not tin!

The first guy did not take my wire seriously. Because it has a plastic coating, he probably thought it was some sort of electric wire!

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