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Chemisette - mushroom pleated collar
My first chemisette is about to complete. I have joined the shoulders. Still need to hem the edge. Now it is time to think about the collar. I had  conversation with couple of people at JAFA about how to do the mushroom pleats...the idea I got and which I will be doing is to use a smocking pleater to  pleat the collar and then put in lemon or vinegar to set the pleats.  I guess if you don't set the pleat, you need to leave the holding threads in the collar  as after you wash the collar, the pleats will disappaear.

Or alternatively get a pleated lace or pleated fabric to make the collar.

Here I found a link of discussion of doing the mushroom pleats http://regencysa.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=sundries&action=display&thread=1364
I will use Alywen's ratio (between 2W:1V to 10W:1V ratio) to set the pleats with vinegar.

Anyone out there has any ideas how to do it?

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I also was going to suggest setting the pleats with vinegar.. :)

When I guage an 1850s skirt, I leave the thread in (you can't see it) to hold the pleats in a nice shape, so I don't see much wrong with doing that either. It's up to you though.. :)

Thanks for your suggestion. It makes sense to leave the holding thread on. I am about to start this experiment.

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