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1914 tea gown
Progress of my 1914 tea gown:

Underdress: It is pretty much constructed except to attach bodice to the skirt. The embroidery on the bodice is looking good. Hope to post some pics soon once it is finished.

Tea gown: Sensibility.com tea gown class showed me lots of options to do the bodice. It involves heirloom sewing. I have bought the A-Z heirloom sewing book from countrybumpkin and it should be arriving this week. I want to take the opportunity to focus on practise more on this technique.

Dress protector: I have cut up the fabrics. Anytime, I can start sewing.

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Oh well, I'm looking forward to seeing this!

As Wednesday is public holiday, I am hoping to work on the embroidery.

You will be ahead of the Canberra Group with this Project! The centenary of Canberra is 2013 and we are planning to celebrate it. May be you will visit us then?

That is wonderful! Canberra is on my list to visit.

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