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Regency/Victorian tail jacket - taking a break

This jacket has taken a long time to complete. The tail looked straightforward, but there were unexpected hiccups.  Because I used a lighter colour for lining, the machine stitches showed up the lining when I folded the pleats and stitched them together. I thought of  using a lighter colour bobbin thread, but then was worried that it may show up eventually on the dark fabric.. Eventually, I decided to handsew a thin ribbon to cover the machine stitches. You can see how it looks like in the pic here. So this covered up the stitches and became an embellisment to the lining.

I basically finished the jacket and only needed to sew the button holes, sew buttons on and add the tail. But then I found out the buttons are too big for my machine to do the button holes in auto mode. There is a semi-auto mode to do it. I needed to work out manually a perfect size with the machine, then set it in memory, then you can just sew it, and it automatically does it in the size you want. I practised and practised many times, and then worked out a perfect size.  It was perfect, but when I tried it out on the jacket, somehow it hit a pin and the seam, it messed up the memory....a lot of frustrations. This exercise really tired me down.

I still have lots of time to finish this jacket, so there is no point to rush to do the button holes. I need to do the button holes slowly and accurately, no rush.  

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Yeah, I hate when I get the tension of my buttonhole perfect, then do it on the proper thing and it looks terrible, or the button pops out of the button hole foot... I feel your pain!

This coat is going to be spectacular though!

This jacket has been in the wardrobe for a week now. Out of sight, out of mind. I have been doing other things. I sort of miss it, I am going to get back into it and tackle the buttonholes soon.

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