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Sunday progress

Victorian jacket
Pattern pieces all cut. Started cutting fabric. Hopefully I can start sewing in an hr time.

1830s thought
The corded petticoat I made is perfect for my archery dress (1820s), I should just leave it as it is for 1820s. And not to modify to fit into 1830s.
Now, I will make another corded petticoat which is for 1830s. I have some cotton and linen curtain fabric from Ikea. This will be suitable to use. Bear in mind there will be multiple petticoats to wear on top, i will also do this at the same time. In that case, the 1830s picture will come together in the right shape. The issue to minimize the bulkiness at the waist will be solved accordingly.

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Hooray! Well done you!

I'm working on my costume for Mel's B'day right now, but hopefully tonight I can start of my Victorian!

You are very productive. I am having my coffee break rifgt now and needs to prepare dinner. I am confident that I will have most of my jacket done today.

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