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Experiment begins - multiple petticoats
Thanks to sewaddicted for this link http://demodecouture.com/crinoline/

My aim is to create a 1830s in between A-line and dome shape. I am going to wear multiple petticoats to create this effect. The order of the layers will be:
  1. netted petticoat - I already made one, but need to fix it to make the shape smoother. It  has been fixed.the net is now joined properly.  
  2. corded petticoat - I already made one. I used Lily sugar and cream cotton yarns for cording. The petticoat is now in the washing machine. I think the cording will stiff up a bit after the wash.
  3. May be 2 flounced petticoats - this is the fun part as I have not made any.
  4. plain petticoat with tucks - seems simple to do.
As it is gonna be multiple, need to think about how to avoid the bulkiness at the waist.