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Trial and error - help

I don't really know exactly how to come up with the measurement to make the flounced petticoat... So it is trial and error again. I looked up the instruction from Truly victorian eyelet petticoat measurement concept, then apply to my corded petticoat circumference instead of a crinoline hoop.... See how it goes..

Last time i did not get the shape right and I wore a stiff net petticoat underneath the corded petticoat. It is pretty much learn by mistakes. My net petticoat is not in good shape and is time to fix it.

I have looked around in the internet, have not found any suggestions yet.

If anyone know some sort of pattern and measurement, or links, please point me to the right directions.

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If you make the base of the petticoat between 2.5 to 3m in circumference it will be wide enough to fit over your corded petticoat. Then the ruffles (depending on what you make them out of) can be 1.5 to 3 times the skirt base width. On mine I used cotton broadcloth so I doubled the width of the ruffle to the petticoat base. Hope this helps?

Thanks for the simple formula.

It mightn't be specific enough for you but this might help overall

This website is very good.I like the pics shown. In years, people told me how to make these things, but never got into my head. Now, I need to digest and work out how to make the shape I want. Thanks for your help.

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