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Quilted petticoat (WIP)
 After dinner, I was very productive. I cut up the fabric. It is going to be a reversible one. One side is white, the other side is floral. I also did a quick sample to see the difference between machine quilting and hand quilting. I decided it looks a lot better to be hand quilted. I also found some leftover of 100% cotton batting, did some calculation and they should be enough for this project. The batting will have to be joined. Save me a trip to the quilting shop.


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Love the floral, it's very pretty!!!

Thank you! I have this floral in my mind when I saw you making your quilted petticoat. I am sandwiching the quilt now, hope can finish it today and can start doing the quilting.

Yeah, yours is going to be far nicer than mine!

I am hoping that in the near future I can start concentrating on re-doing some of those pieces that I kinda quickly and cheaply put together because time and money are my enemy!

Look forward to seeing your progress tonight.. :)

It ill be beautiful! Will you be hand quilting it?

Thanks. I will be hand quilting this project. Just finished sandwiching the quilt.

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