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Corded petticoat (WIP)
So far, I have done 19 rows which covers about 4.5 inches. I need to do about 60 rows to cover about 18 inches. Each row is 84 inches long.

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I remember doing my corded petticoat and cursing over how many cords I put in. Good luck. :D

I estimate will be using 260 meters of cord.

Wrong calculation. It should be 126 meters. I think I should have a break and watch tv tonight.

I like the texture. Now I have done 30 rows. Just came home from the ice rink, hope to do some more before have to prepare dinner.

Bravo! Great progress! I hope one day to do a 40s dress which I think might need one of these... can't wait to see yours!

Get up early and continue on. Now it is up to 35 rows. Will post more pics to report my progress.

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