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 I quickly unexpectedly finished my partlet this morning. It is made with polyester organza. I took couple of pics to see what alternative I can do with it. I decided that it is pretty much like a foundation and will attach the lace scarf on top. This is my old scarf  which I treasure and I do not want to cut it up.


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that looks lovely! I think I'll start on my partlett for my tudor when I get home from JAFA.. :)

Looking forward to you coming to the world of partlet.

beautiful! Everytime I try to make a partlet something doesn't work out! I like yours!

Great that you like my partlet. I plan to make some more to do mix and match.

lovley! It is very period to make one out of black wool or velvet, I think a black one would look great with this also! Yay for mix and match!

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