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Vintage and retro

Couple of months ago, I went to a vintage shop looking for ideas, patterns or clothing to get prepared to attend an event which required wearing retro clothings. The lady at the shop gave me a some sort of lesson about Vintage and Retro. According to her vintage is not the same as retro. For a certain periods, it is vintage, then starting another period it is called Retro. I am no expert in this eras. What i wanted was having something to wear. She also mentioned that it is very difficult to find 1930s patterns because of the war....etc etc. quite a lot for me to digest and remember!

Any comments about this are welcome.

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Vintage/Retro is a very subjective thing. My view is 1920s-1960s is Vintage. 60s-70s is retro, although apparently retro now includes up to the 90s...

30s patterns aren't as easy to find, you just have to know where to look... I have a couple of them, but certainly not originals...

Thanks. This era is getting very interesting.

I think it's hard to find 30s patterns cos of the depression! ie a lot of people couldn't afford them & shared etc. Plus we don't tend to have attics in australia (unlike the UK & USA) so we don't have as much stuff stored from from the past cos most aussie houses don't have that sort much storage area.

Thanks. I have to keep an eye on any 30s patterns.

I am lucky enough to have a couple of oringal 1930s patterns, but as Wendy and Cherie said they are very hard to come by and generally when you do find them, they are quite expensive.

Thanks Mel :) The lady of the shop showed me a book of the 30s fashion and advised me how to make it looks like 30s, and I asked how much is the book, she said it is her collection and it is not for sale. I just remember that, an interesting visit to a vintage shop.

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