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Crocheted Queen Anne's lace fingerless gloves
Just finished a pair of crocheted Queen Anne's Lace fingerless gloves. I got the epattern from It is a very easy pattern and quick to do. It is suitable for Georgian, Regency, Romantic and Victorian eras.

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They are so pretty!

I wish I could crochet.. :(

Thanks. If one day, you like to learn crochet, I can show you how to do if you wish.

Very clever, my crochet tension is all over the place. So I am better a knitting and have knitted a pair of winter mittens. I haven't mastered knitting lace mittens as yet. I am more of a bobbin lace maker than knitting or crocheting lace.

My mum taught me how to crochet and knit when I was little. She is a good teacher. I wish to see your bobbin lace when I am at JAFA next year.

Love them! So glad to see!

I plan to make a 3D tatted rose to embellish this pair of gloves.

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